Two tips to follow when storing surplus belongings in a storage unit

Posted on: 25 May 2021


Here are two tips to follow if you'll be storing some of your surplus belongings in a storage unit.

Group the Items According to the Season or Occasion in Which You Use Them

If you'll be putting items that you only use during a particular season – or on a particular occasion – into this unit, you should group these items according to whichever time of year or event they are used for. For example, you could put your summertime items (such as surfing equipment, beachballs, swimwear, patio furniture and your inflatable pool) in one corner, your Christmas items (i.e. your artificial tree and decorations) in another corner, and your winter-related items (such as your heavier duvets, large winter coats and portable heater) in a third corner.

Doing this, rather than leaving items that are used in different seasons in one single pile, will ensure that when an occasion or season rolls around and you need the items that you use during it, you can go into the unit and grab everything you need in a few minutes, without having to move objects that you use at a different time of year out of the way. If you'll be putting a lot of things into the unit, taking this approach should also reduce the chances of smaller items (such as your Christmas tree decorations) getting lost amongst a pile of unrelated items.

Label Any Non-Transparent Boxes You Stow the Items In

You should ensure that you label any non-transparent boxes of items you put in the unit. This will allow you to instantly locate whatever items you're looking for each time you go into the unit. Furthermore, it will help to keep the unit organized, as every time you go to put more items into it, you'll be more likely to put them in the boxes they actually belong in, rather than just tossing them into whichever box happens to be closest to you, or is not yet full.

This is important, as if you get into the habit of storing items in the unit in an unorganized fashion, you'll not only struggle to find specific objects but the likelihood of items getting broken will be a lot higher. For example, if you toss a few big hardbacks into an open box that contains your glass Christmas baubles, the books might shatter a few of these decorations when they land on them.

For more information about using a storage unit, contact a storage company near you.