4 Reasons to Outsource 3PL Logistics Warehousing Services

Posted on: 10 November 2022


As a business-minded individual, always take some time to re-evaluate your logistical approaches, especially when running a flourishing e-commerce venture. As your business grows, you might need a warehouse and delivery staff to manage your logistics. However, you might choose to outsource compliance to reputable third-party logistics companies. 

Also known as 3PL, these firms offer a wide range of services, including managing orders, packaging, shipping and cross-docking. Outsourcing 3PL logistics warehousing provides numerous benefits, including: 

Effective Inventory Tracking

Customer service and engagement are among the cornerstones of your business, and here's where 3PL comes in. It allows you to send customers correct distribution descriptions by inspecting the delivery in real-time. Streamlining the tracking aspects through SKU, serial and batch numbers is the most effective and dependable way of receiving real-time data on your transit goods. 

Your warehouse management system guarantees reliable updates on inventory operations. Additionally, outsourcing a 3PL warehousing provider will ensure a full audit of your inventory. 

Enhanced Scalability and Flexibility

Another top advantage of outsourcing 3PL logistics warehousing services is improved scalability and flexibility. Ideally, they can scale your logistics, labour or storage depending on current inventory requirements. If your company experiences seasonal changes, it'll benefit from hassle-free transitions as industry trends change. 

Additionally, your business can easily use more storage space and resources, as required, to tap into newer regions without hiccups. As your business grows, 3PL providers can assist in scaling up or down using available resources to encourage further growth into new marketplaces. 

Top-Notch IT Capabilities 

Your e-commerce venture can benefit more from smooth delivery and distribution services offered by a tech-savvy 3PL provider. That might involve high-tech systems linking all online stores and delivering instant alerts immediately after a customer place an order. 

With excellent IT capabilities, the 3PL can monitor your inventory in real-time, track orders and generate automated reports. Besides, you can manage the stock in a 3PL distribution centre. Here, you can set automatic reminders to replenish your stock when depleted. 

Minimised Operational Risks 

There are several critical considerations when choosing your carrier. For instance, you must evaluate a carrier's insurance, operational authority and safety ratings. However, outsourcing 3PL-approved carriers removes such hassles. These providers are often vetted regularly for standard logistics safety compliance. 

Finally, by working with supply chain management professionals, you'll guarantee the timely delivery of goods, regardless of their shape, size or destination. With that taken care of, you and your employees can focus on other core business functions instead of supply chain and logistical concerns.   

For more information about 3PL logistics warehousing, contact a local company.