Three Easy Ways To Order Your Storage Unit Better

Posted on: 24 February 2020


No one enjoys walking into a storage unit and remembering just how messy they left it last time, but unfortunately for most people, that ends up being the case after a while. When you first start renting a storage unit, it is very easy to just dump things wherever you want. Slowly but surely, the space will fill up and contain an unruly and haphazard mess. If you have had enough of stumbling over stray boxes and digging through loose clothes, then maybe it is time to organize this chaos. Here are three easy ways to order your storage just a little bit better.

Clear Storage Tubs

Obviously you need some storage containers to contain the majority of stuff you have laying around. The best option to go for is clear plastic tubs that are stackable. Why clear plastic tubs and not traditional cardboard boxes? There are a few reasons. First, you can quickly identify what is in a clear tub without opening the lid. They also have better structural integrity and can be stored on top of each other with no worry about collapsing. Finally, if there is ever a leak or water gets into your storage unit, the plastic will keep your precious items from being affected. They are also very cheap, and many home and hardware stores sell them in bulk.

Esky Boxes For Heat-Sensitive Valuables

While cold storage is always an option, if you only need a little bit of heat control for minorly sensitive items like electronics, pictures or medication, then a simple esky will do the trick just fine. Eskies are cheap and built to last, and even without any ice in them, they can stay several degrees colder than the outside environment. What they are best for, however, is keeping your heat-sensitive items at a constant temperature. The inside temperature will not fluctuate as much as the regular storage unit temperature will, which means if there is a heatwave, you have some time to get to your unit before the esky's internal temperature starts affecting your items. 

Bring A Table

The number one mistake people make when organising their storage unit is forgetting to bring a table. Putting a table in the middle of your storage unit contributes to a more orderly environment in so many ways.

  • It gives you a central area to order your boxes and tubs around, which means you can access everything from the middle of the unit.
  • It allows you to unpack and repack objects in a secure place without having to do it on the floor.
  • You can keep pens, paper and notepads that allow you to keep track of what item is in which tub.

To put it simply, you should absolutely have a table in your storage unit because it will revolutionise your experience. For more storage tips, contact storage companies near you.