How to Take a Ruthless Approach to Decluttering

Posted on: 27 December 2018


When you start buying new items and realise you have nowhere to put them, there's a chance you need to start decluttering. Depending on how much sentimental value you attach to the objects in your home, decluttering will feel either easy or like a struggle. When you take a ruthless approach and make the most of facilities such as self-storage units, you can free up more space in your home.

Ditch your junk drawer

If you have a junk drawer, now's the time to ditch it. From items such as batteries to meat skewers that never seem to make it to a barbecue, there's a chance you can throw away almost anything that's in there. When approaching your junk drawer, consider when you last took something out to use it. If you've only ever thrown items into the drawer for the last three months, throw away everything that's in it. You'll thank yourself when you have a whole new space to work with.

Say goodbye to old toiletries

Most households have a repository of old toiletries that don't serve any purpose. From unused Christmas gifts to sunscreen that'll go out of date soon, you can create space in almost any room in your house by disposing of them. Start with your bathroom and then make your way into any bedrooms where toiletries are present. Key items to consider throwing away include any perfumes or aftershaves you rarely use, sunscreen, old soaps and anything you're keeping for those 'just in case' occasions. 

Begin donating books and clothes

Even in an age of e-readers, many people love to buy books for the feel of the paper. But, unless it's an old classic that you love or a book you depend on for academic purposes, does it have a place in your home? The same rule should apply to clothes. If you're unlikely to fit into an item again or you haven't worn it recently, donate it to a charity shop. Understandably, some items come with true sentimental value, or they may be worth a lot of money. If that's the case and you still don't have much space available, consider renting a storage unit instead.

Trim your furniture down to match your needs

Downsizing is a life event that happens for lots of reasons. From children flying the nest to financial need, squeezing stuff into a smaller space is challenging. Rather than trying to force the impossible, consider what you can manage with based on the number of people in your household and place the rest into a storage unit. That way, you can use the stuff again one day when more space becomes available.